Pakistani American New Yorkers responded to 4thPiller’s call and gathered in Brooklyn to welcome a visiting team of elected leaders of Pakistani journalist fraternity. Program was hosted by Journalist Farooq Mirza, founder of the organization and a distinguished member of New York community.

The 4thpillar media watchdog organized this first International Conference on Media Ethics. There was an open dialogue on how fake news and disinformation damaged editorial independence and caused conflict in society.

This session was designed to ponder upon measures to liberate our journalism from the shackles of disinformation, plagiarism, fabrication and serious negative effects of media commercialism.

4thPillar was conceived with a more unique objective than the routine to ameliorate Pakistani journalism to the next level of competence and professionalism.

Farooq Mirza presented the progress made so far and enumerated the accomplishments made by professional enrichment training sponsored by 4thPillar, USA  for Pakistani Journalists through an American University Programs.

Distinguished guests Afzal Butt, President FUJ, Pakistan, Shakeel Anjum, President, National Press Club Islamabad, Asif Ali Bhatti, SVP National Press Club Islamabad and anchorman/ VP 4thPillar Javaid Iqbal gave an extensive overview of print and electronic journalism in Pakistan and shared their concerns and challenges faced to deal with media industry and the existing socio political paradigm.

Guest of Honor, Raja Ali Ejaz, CG Pakistan N.Y. concluded the meeting by quoting a saying “A nation rises or falls with its press”. He also emphasized that the journalists/ media must handle sensitive national issues with extraordinary care and exclusivity. It was

stressed that such things must not find space on print/ electronic media at all.

“On behalf of Pakistani American Congress, USA (Founded 1990), I congratulate 4thPillar for their profound effort to take a very appropriate initiative to reform and reinvigorate journalism in Pakistan. It is a Vital Priority and we must pay due diligence to promote mature and objective journalism in the country. It is not only a popular sentiment but a sovereign need of the day.”


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