A working journalist, Tanzila Mazhar claimed to be sexually harassed within Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) premises. Due to the volume cases related to dishonoring the women working in the organization, PTV is now  becoming a notorious place. Reportedly, if a woman refuses to be the part of that vulgar game; she is threatened of termination of her job. Sexual harassment at work place is a serious offence that should be discouraged at all levels.

Despite of ‘The Protection against Harassment of Women at the WorkPlace Act 2010’ passed by the Asif Ali Zardari to provide peaceful, friendly working environment to the women without any discrimination, harassment against women cases are still being observed at different places.  According to a recent report of Aurat Foundation, 75 cases of harassment against women have been filed in 2015.

The irony of the fact is, some of the government institutes are not a safe place to go with. The harassment case of a young news anchor, Tanzila Mazhar is its major example that was tried to be exploited and harassed within her office premises.

When Vigilant Media Watchdog ((www.4thpillar.org) inquired the victim, Tanzila Mazhar about the whole incident, she replied, “I have been stopped from working that is ridiculously inhuman while the person who is responsible for this harassment, is still on job”.

The Chairman PTV is performing his role as a silent spectator. Even after the questions rose at the reputation and integrity of PTV, he has not spoken even a single word to defend his organization.

Vigilant Media Watchdog (www.4thpillar.org) while portraying the true picture of the cruel attitude of the culprits involved in that incident, requests the Prime Minister, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Information Minister and the Chairman of PTV to take serious action of the insanely violent incident of harassment and the alleged Agha Shorish should also be terminated as the investigations of the incident are still going on and he can influence the investigations while working at the same place…



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