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Nawaz Sharif disqualification news spreads on media like wildfire

LAHORE: The international and social media have released the news of disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as ‘Breaking News.’ The news broke on local, international, and social media like wildfire. The Supreme Court on Friday disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from holding public office in a landmark decision on the Panama Papers case. This is the third time the prime minister has been unable to complete his term in

Fellowship for reporting on global religious issues

The International Reporting Project is accepting applications from professional journalists to report on global religion issues. Applications will be reviewed in cycles on a rolling basis. Some of the areas on which proposals might focus include the relationship of religion to: – conflict and peace – environment and sustainability – political economy and development – health and education – gender, race and sexuality – law and human rights – social

Media in Pakistan more independent, less responsible: study

KARACHI: The Institute of Business Management (IoBM), in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), released a study in 2015 analysing the Media Responsibility and Independence Index (MRII) in Pakistan. The study carried by daily Dawn said that with the emergence of electronic media in the country, civil society and journalists have complained that media trespasses all ethical barriers in its rush to break news. The newly

‘Female reporters should fight stereotypical news angles’

KARACHI: The media industry needs more female journalists to speak out about issues pertaining to women since men tend to bring out stereotypical news angles out of incidents, particularly rape and crimes committed in the name of ‘honour’. Farzana Ali, the Peshawar bureau chief of a news channel, said this on the second day of the National Media Conference organised by the Center of Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) at the Institute

Usage of data journalism during elections reporting discussed

ISLAMABAD: Keeping in view the increasing use of data in contemporary news reporting, data journalism has become an important field of journalism in today’s media. These views were expressed by participants during a day-long training session with journalists on usage of data journalism during elections reporting (I-Election) organised by Individualland Pakistan (IL Pakistan). They said that knowledge and training of data journalism is mandatory for election reporting and it is

Courses Available

Free courses available for South Asian journalists on ethical journalism and fact finding. You can apply to qualify for these foreign courses mentioned below. (Courses worth $175 per course are free for media in Pakistan) 1-Avoiding Plagiarism and Fabrication    2-Introduction to Reporting!Beat Basis 3-Journalism Fundamentals, craft and values 4- Getting it right,accuracy and verification in digital age Working journalists need to pass assessment test to qualify for the above-mentioned courses.

Lack of ethics in Pakistani media

Ever since the Pakistani media was liberalised in 2002, channels upon channels focusing on news have been launched over the years. For the average Pakistani household, evening talk shows have become a major source of political awareness and, if looking from a certain angle, even entertainment. Talk shows are not entirely meant to be a source of entertainment but the fact remains that they represent dramatisation and even comedy on

Lahore High Court lifts ban on airing of Indian plays

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday lifted a ban imposed by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) on the airing of Indian teleplays, declaring it null and void as the federal government had no objections regarding the same. Pemra had issued a notification imposing a blanket ban on all Indian content on Oct 19, 2016, after relations between Pakistan and India soured after the Uri attack last year.

Senators want PEMRA to ban quacks on TV shows

ISLAMABAD: With unqualified or people with dubious credentials handing out health and beauty tips using herbs and vegetables on television shows, senators have demanded that the regulatory authority should crack down on the practice. “My maid used one of the tips [advised in a morning show] and it burnt her face,” Senator Ateeq Shaikh said during the Senate Standing Committee on National Health Services Regulations and Coordination “My wife asked