Journalism is the second name of ‘truth’ that should be exposed without any hesitation, fear or anxiety.  In other words, to ensure the exchange of accurate, transparent and fair information, an ethical journalist mainly focuses at honesty and integrity.

There may be five main pillars of ethical journalism;


Impartiality and unbiased literature must be one of the most important pillars of the ethical journalism to build faith, confidence and faith.


Journalists should be aware of the impact of the truth they expose on the lives of others. To completely overlook the human values is not the core of ethical journalism.


An ethical journalist should have the courage to hold himself accountable in case he makes some errors and mistakes in his quest of seeking truth. He should accept criticism and listen to what others say about him.


An ethical journalist should be free from any social or political pressure.


The cardinal principal of journalism is to guarantee truth that should never be disrespected or disregarded in any case by a journalist.

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