A drift of atomizing human necessities is spreading throughout the universe and many companies from all around the world are trying to up their efforts in this regard.

Young talent in Pakistani has always backed the country up by their contribution. This time the mark has been nailed in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), with a company named BaseH – consisting of a bunch of individuals – putting up efforts to design the future.

The tech company is covered by four IT professionals – enthusiastic and passionate in logic building – executing the ideas into reality with their long-standing love for programming, coding and designing. As a result, BaseH recently announced the launch of an AI Writer ‘Dante’, an artificially intelligent content originator, at their headquarters in Karachi.

Nowadays content matters a lot, and so do the providers. It will not be off the radar to state that in the economy of internet and the web world, content plays the role of topmost currency.

Media houses and various other companies need factual, authentic, appealing and unique content to cater to the audience and gain additional traffic. Per-diem innovative content is required by the firms and a human hand cannot be faster in writing it than a robotic hand.

To meet the need, the artificial content creator can produce more content – and in no time – as compared to humans. Dante is skillful in lettering a comprehensive news portion in a matter of just a few seconds.

It can be a key towards the advancement of future, and according to the makers of Dante, it is currently able to write a market closing report and will soon be generating football match reports, financials, weather reports and general political news around the world – in no time.

According to a private news channel, Dante – the non-human writer, has already been covering the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Robot journalists are advantageous for the media and publishing houses who want to use the human resource perceptively, in order to extract the optimum out of these resources. And they do it more speedily, economically, and potentially with scarcer errors than any human journalist.

AI grasps the ‘Master Algorithm’ – a core set of rules that can learn and adopt anything from data, and assist the robotic software to make up their tasks efficiently. You have to provide the data and it will return you the results.

Considering some past examples, GPS, a totally AI based technology helps to guide the best optimal paths. Turn the GPS on, provide the location and enjoy your shortest and optimum path towards the destination.

The robotic writing software practices a combination of overseen and reinforced learning; it drives assistance from human trainers and crams to recapitulate on its own. These practices gear up the writers to go through amount of writings and also explore the appropriate topics to write about. It can also be ready to lend a hand to editors for reading loads of emails, pitches and press releases they catch on a daily basis.

Moreover, base-H embraces purpose of producing a news publishing system. The design is in progress beneath the assistance of artificially intelligent content writer. It is considered that the system is going to be proficient and will be able to not just monitor the news by itself, but also produce news pieces before the editors can even mull them.

The platforms designed by the company are serving in various different fields right now. Out of which one is backing up the scanning. Fitted out with a natural language cohort, AI writer software can be employed more effectively and efficiently, most probably in those areas where human involvements make much more variance.

Artificial Intelligence holding the theory of automated insight, learning, understanding, and reasoning has paid masses in assisting human life – and providing best possible, precise and accurate solutions to different snags.

And beholding an eye to past, it could be observed that Dante is not the first of its type, but some other writing robots do exist as well.

The Associated Press (AP) started using the writing robot for automatically generating stories in January 2015. Yahoo, in the race of adapting new technologies, didn’t remain behind either – it uses similar technology to create fictional sports reports, specially made for each of its users, and both are fulfilling their requirements using Wordsmith platform.

Being equipped with unique innovation, a question obviously arises: are these writing robots going to snatch the jobs of writers?

Observing the route of the past years’ AP and Yahoo profiting from similar working technology, any threat to human jobs due to robots, has never been seen or heard.

The machines are made with the purpose of easing human life. They are not equipped as a substitute to human jobs or to make anyone obsolete. Instead they are bent to assist us in order to drive it to a next level and grasp the power of achieving the task completion goal before time.

And Dante, Pakistan’s first robotic journalist – carrying the fortitude of soothing human future – already has had a prodigious impact, for sure. –Nooria Ali, Courtesy Dunya TV

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