A regional daily journalist will trek across the mountains of Pakistan to raise money to establish schools in the Asian country.
Oldham Evening Chronicle reporter Iram Ramzan, is joining a 16-strong team of British women, of both Pakistani and non-Pakistani origin, in undertaking the challenge for the Dil Trust UK.
The charity promotes secular, primary education for boys and girls in a country which has the world’s third highest out-of-school population.
The group will trek across mountains in the Karakoram range, and Iram hopes to raise £500 for the charity which is “close to her heart”.
She said: “Although I have been to Pakistan several times before, I have never been to the mountainous parts of the north, which has some of the most breathtaking views in the world. We will be trekking for four days and reaching an altitude of about 3,000m,
“What makes this trip more interesting is that I will be in the company of 16 fabulous women from the UK, so it should be a really fun adventure.”
Iram, 30, added: “Friends and colleagues have expressed concerns, as Pakistan’s tourism industry has declined since 2001 due to security threats that plague the nation.
“Many have asked if it is safe? Of course, I have insisted, it’s all perfectly fine. The truth is that, although I’m excited, I’m petrified of running into a bear in the middle of the night.” ¬Courtesy HoldtheFrontPage.co.uk

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