Adnan Aamir, Editor of online newspaper Balochistan Voices and a freelance writer based in Quetta, has become the first working journalist from Balochistan to attend the Chevening South Asian Journalism Fellowship.

Aamir, who won the Agahi Journalist of the Year Award 2016 in Business and Economic Reporting category and mainly covers the province’s socio-economic issues.

The Chevening South Asia Journalism Fellowship comprises journalists from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Bangladesh. The fellowship program is titled ‘Good Governance in a Changing World: the Media, Politics, and Society’. It explores different ways in which the media plays a part in holding democratic processes to account, including government, the civil service, and security, as well as the broader political system in both the South Asia region and the UK.

This fellowship will take place at the University of Westminster where the fellows will participate in eight intensive weeks of lectures, visits, and discussions that introduce them to key UK academics, media, and political figures in the field.

During his fellowship, Aamir plans to research on the funding and revenue generation strategies used by UK media to survive in a competitive business environment.

This year 17 journalists will participate in the Chevening South Asia Journalism Fellowship out of which seven are from Pakistan. The fellowship will culminate at a symposium in the third week of May. –Courtesy Journalism Pakistan

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