(By Farooq Mirza

President 4thpillar.org)


We are proud to have Pakistani Community in Town Hall Nassau County first time in the history and now we will continue participating with great Community Pakistani every year the County Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello said.

We are grateful to the organizer of American Heritage team to involve us in Pakistan Resolution Day in in this County, Pakistani Community is a vibrant, hardworking and law abiding, and building our Community strong, we extend our cooperation with Community living here and our doors are open for all kinds

of issues. We congratulate all of you especially, Ali Mirza and his team members on Pakistan Resolution Day, Executive Laura said

Pakistani Flag proudly raised with National Anthem, Quran was recited with translation loud in Nassau County Legislative Chamber Hall while the majority of Pakistani men, women and children wearing colorful traditional dresses including County Executive Presiding Officer and their team were present.

Ali Mirza Program Coordinator was taking credit to involve new groups and talent from the Community to make this event successful

Program was designed to involve each individual, to introduce the real tradition and culture of Pakistan.

The charming singer amused the participants with melodious traditional local songs and lyrics. Kids wearing colorful dresses holding Pakistani flags were dancing to local famous tunes.

Tahra Sharif president of Al-Hasnan Foundation came to collect her Citation got emotional and gave a passionate speech in honor of her deceased young kid and requested County Executive to pass legislation for youth affairs.

The Organizing Team received Citations from County Executive and Presiding Officer. Tahir Mian, Alamdar Shah, Zahir Mehar and Ali Mirza including their team members and sponsors received enviable appreciation from the County Executive and Community for organizing such a great event.

The Consul General of Pakistan Raja Ali Eijaz said that Pakistani Community deserves great applause and appreciation representing Pakistan, presenting its precious rich tradition and culture thousands of miles away. He said the March 23rd was a Pakistan Resolution Day that we are celebrating around the globe; it’s also a day of adoption of first constitution of Pakistan as well. We are proud to be a Pakistani and he said we will together make Pakistan strong in the world.

Zaheer Mehar introduced the historical perspective and importance of March 23rd. He said that the Lahore Resolution (Urdu: قرارداد لاہور, Karardad-e-Lahore; was written by Muhammad Zafarullah Khaand presented by A. K. Fazl ul Huq, the Prime Minister of Bengal, was a formal political statement adopted by the All-India Muslim League on the occasion of its three-day general session in Lahore on 22–24 March 1940. The resolution called for independent states as seen by the statement:

That geographically contiguous units are demarcated into regions which should be constituted, with such territorial readjustments as may be necessary that the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in a majority as in the North Western and Eastern Zones of India should be grouped to constitute ‘independent states’ in which the constituent units should be autonomous and sovereign. The name “Pakistan”, however, had been proposed by Choudhary Rahmat Ali in his Pakistan Declaration in 1933.

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