The motor mechanics and construction workers are proud to earn their own means and to invest back to society. One of them has 30 years of experience in writing, reporting and printing and he has always kept a second source of income to stay strong and honorable.

Some the local journalists rob innocent community and blackmail through US Audit Bureau of Circulation. They even don not pay to their printing press and matters are in courts for non-payments. Some of journalists robbed community women of $60,000 in the name of Youth Conventions and later disappeared. Some of them have no staff, no composing and writing come from Pakistan and print from different places. They never report to IRS about their advertisements and cash money they took from people as blackmailing.

The Press Club ideas is to create a forum for working journalists, and Meet the Press platform where we will discuss trade, commerce, education, health, problems confronting youth, women affairs including matters related to Pakistan’s image building, Kashmir and strategic matters as well. The club will provide a forum where community will present their concerns and get equal coverage. The local journalists would be connected to local journalists working in Pakistan. If US/Pakistani journalists will get an opportunity to apply for housing for their children what is wrong with that. If anyone has an issue they are most welcome to discuss it at an open forum.

Farooq Mirza, Chief Coordinator Islamabad Press Club US/Canada Chapter and Zaheer Mehar Coordinator US/Canada Chapter.

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