KARACHI: The prompt dissemination of information not only informs the people but also enables the government to take rapid action for the resolution of the problems of the masses.
This was stated by the Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair, while speaking at the `Meet the Editor Programme’ of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) at its office.
Lauding the role of the media, the Governor opined that it also contributes towards a system of check and balance. People also come to know about the performance of their elected representatives.
He was of the view that there is 90 percent improvement in the law and order in Karachi at present as compared to that in 2013.
Zubair opined that the problem of terrorism, extortion and kidnapping for ransom has been controlled. There is also a decline in the street crimes thanks to the efforts and immense sacrifices of personnel of law enforcement agencies.
He pointed out that economic indicators present a better picture. Inflation is at lowest level since last 40 years. Foreign exchange reserves are more than 20 billion dollars. Economic growth rate is more than five percent.
Governor said that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) heads towards economic development. Problem of loadshedding would be resolved by next year.
He stated that for maintenance of transparency in the implementation of Prime Minister’s Package, the PTI has been invited to join the standing committee in this regard.
Zubair was of the view that electricity system in Karachi was better than Lahore and other cities. However, it is true that there are some shortcomings in the K-Electric system.
He opined that the year 2018 would be a `test case’ and that votes of the people would suggest as to whose performance was better.
On arrival, the Governor was received by secretary general of CPNE Ejaz ul Haq and other office bearers.
CPNE vice-president Aamir Mahmood, Kazi Asad Abid, Tahir Najmi, Maqsood Yousfi, Fauzia Shaheen, Younus Mahar, Hasina Jatoi, Muzaffar Ejaz, Abdul Khaliq and Dr. Abdul Jabbar also expressed their views.  Governor’s attention was also drawn towards issues such as print media and regulator authority bill.
He said that he would approach the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in this regard. –Courtesy Business Recorder

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