Special Report by Aijaz Khokhar

The South Asian Democratic Club of the United States recently organized a fund raising event to support Congressman Frank Pallone for his 2018 election as many members feel that it’s vital for the South Asian community to work together as a community at the local, state and federal level. The prgram was organized at the popular Shezan Restaurant in Edison, New Jersey and the participants included members of the business community, prominent political personalities, members of the media and other distinguished guests including Mayor of Edison, Thomas Lankey, Mayor of Woodbridge, John McCormac, Mayor of Linden, Derek Armstead, Mayor of East Brunswick, Brad Cohen, Assembly Woman Nancy Pinkin County Legislator, Shanti Naara and other. Congressman Frank Pallone while addressing the gathering expressed his goal to resolve conflicts in the region and globally in a peaceful manner and to fight for positive economic growth, betterment of the people of the world, including providing them better health and educational facilities. He said that presently the world is facing two big problems including a growling population and water shortages which are more dangerous than terrorism and for which we have to formulate strategies otherwise within 10 years these problems will become very difficult to resolve. He appealed to the local Business community and other citizens to support his campaign his upcoming election bid.

On the occasion, Mr Sam Khan a renowned Pakistani American Businessman delivered a well-received speech in support of Congressman Pallone and said that our entire Business community will support him and especially the Pakistani Business Community as Congressman Pallone has always been a friend of Pakistan and o

ur community. He added that Congressman Pallone has always raised his voice for Pakistan and after 9/11 he was the only person who supported Pakistan. He also reminded the participants that Pakistan has sacrificed a lot in the war against terrorism.

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