The Supreme Court’s verdict on Panama case is a clear indicative of the fact that the nation has started strengthening its roots as a democratic country. To bring an acting Prime minister in court and decide to formulate a joint investigation team to probe into the matter n as is indeed a great success of Pakistan as a democratic country.

4thpillar welcomes this initiative taken by the Supreme Court in Pakistan and is hopeful that the rule of law would be ensured at any cost as the organization believes in transparency, a corruption free environment and justice to everyone.

The decision of the Apex court regarding carrying out an investigation about how Gulf Steel Mill came into being and its sale and liabilities being historical is really appreciable. The other side of the picture is blurred as the leader of the opposition party, Imran Khan has clearly stated, “I demand that Sharif should resign immediately as he has lost moral authority to rule the country”, which is ridiculous. He has already demanded of the same numerous times before.

Documents leaked from the Panama-based Mossack Fonseca law firm’s leaked documents show that Sharif’s daughter and two sons owned offshore holding companies registered in the British Virgin Islands. They bought roerties in London by using them.

4thpillar is concerned about how much price the economy of Pakistan has paid due to panama. Pakistan’s capital market as KSE100 has shown a downward trend by about 3,300 points, or 7%, from a high of 50,192 points to a low of 46,874 point level, lowest in 2017 to date.

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